Bandana Headband

The Bandana headband is a headband that is made from a bandana. A bandana is a large square of brightly colored cloth that is worn over the hair or neck. In our case, the bandana is folded to make a head-covering or headband.

Bandana Headband Styles

There are as many different styles of bandana headbands as there are the varieties of people that wear them! Weather it is being worn as a utilitarian piece of a wardrobe, or to make a statement, the bandana headband is a versatile and useful style statement. The bandana headband is worn, but it keeps the bandana close and usable during work. The bandana headband has been used since the definition of the bandana.

The bandana headband styles are basically varieties of two different folding techniques. The simplest bandana headband style is made when the bandana can be folded to form the shape of a triangle and can be worn as a scarf or headdress. The other most common bandana headband style is to fold the bandana multiple times to form a long narrow strip that can be worn around the forehead and temples.

bandana headband

Girl’s Bandana Headband

Girl’s bandana headbands are typically used to accent a hair style. They are also often used to keep the hair pulled back and to keep it clean while completing a task.
Often girls will tie their hair back in a bandana while cleaning or cooking to keep hair out of the way. Girl’s bandana headband styles can also serve a style purpose. Girl’s bandana head band styles will vary according to the wearer.

Guy’s Bandana Headband

Guys will also wear a bandana headband, but not typically in the same way that a girl will. A guy’s bandana headband will serve the purpose of sweatband. Guys will wear the headband to absorb sweat as they work or play or to keep their hair out of their face or eyes.
Sometimes the headband will be worn as a statement or an identifier. Often members of a like group will choose to identify themselves by all wearing a bandana headband in a certain way.

How to make a Bandana Headband

It is simple to make a bandana headband if you would choose to wear one. The bandana is a large square piece of cloth. Since it is square, simply fold the square in half from two opposite diagonal corners. This fold will form a triangle. Take the point of the triangle that is opposite the long side of the triangle, and fold it directly toward the longer side. Continue folding the shorter side toward the longer side until a long narrow strip of cloth can be tied around the head.

To fold the bandana headband into a style of scarf, simply fold the two diagonal corners toward each other. This fold will form the bandana into a large triangle. This triangle shape can be worn on the head as a scarf or headband.